Rajnikanth, the definitive biography by Naman Ramachandran

Rajnikanth, the definitive biography by Naman Ramachandran

This is a well written biography of a very impressive man. Rajnikanth may be a movie superstar but he is definitely so for his humility and his hard work. It shines through this biography. It also explains the phenomenon called Rajnikanth. As a friend told me when we were discussing the man, “Frankly none of us know why we are so besotted by him, but we are. It may be a combination of his style, his flair and his ‘goodness’, but he is also very humble, very down to earth, simple and honest, to the extent he returns money to the producers if his films flop.” So for those who love the man, who adore him, who hero worship him or those who simply want to know more about Rajnikanth, read this biography. I have.

It has been published by Penguin Books India. It goes on sale today. Rajnikanth’s birthday. 12.12.12

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