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Alain de Botton “The Course of Love”

13342897_10153552704446867_3870861296907992594_nI had posted this image on Instagram and Facebook. It had a tremendous response. Here are extracts of a conversation I had on Facebook. 

Starts well. Mixed with #AlaindeBotton ‘s advice on #relationships. Not an #authorial intrusion but “expert” advice. Curious mix in #fiction. Surprisingly a welcome intrusion. His first #novel in twenty years after his #bestselling #debut #EssaysInLove. #beautiful #bookcover Attention flags as the “novel” proceeds. The fiction is padding his true interest — commenting on relationships. I found myself reading the italicised portions with great interest and skipping chunks of the story. It is precisely the aspect of the book which is being played up in the book publicity. Take a look at this NYT article published last week on why you will marry the wrong person.…/why-you-will-marry-the…. Every second person on social media seemed to be sharing it but few remarked it was by Alain de Botton. Its a rehash of an article published on his website, Book of Life, as “On marrying the wrong person”. But the multiple shares served the purpose of creating a buzz about the book. Frankly the wisdom Alain de Botton imparts on relationships IS fascinating to read. His earlier work was fascinating. On love, travel, architecture, news, all of it marvellous. But this one is a rehash of his earlier work.

Alain de Botton The Course of Love Hamish Hamilton, Peguin India, Pb. pp. 

11 July 2016


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