Chain Reactions Posts

“Chain Reactions” by LEGO and Klutz, Scholastic

This is the best of everything — a happy and contented child playing with her LEGO bricks to create models that explain chain reactions. It is also the best of best brands that are extremely familiar with what it takes to nurture a child and develop their cognitive skills — Scholastic, the biggest children’s publisher in the world; Klutz, an imprint of Scholastic, that specialises in activity-driven books and of course, LEGO.

Book Post 26: 3 – 9 February 2019

Every Monday I post some of the books I have received in the previous week. This post will be in addition to my regular blog posts and newsletter. In today’s Book Post 26 included are some of the titles I received in the past few weeks as well as bought and are worth mentioning.

9 February 2019

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