Jaya Bhattacharji Rose

Confessions of an avid bibliophile

I am an independent international publishing consultant and columnist, based in New Delhi. As a publishing consultant I work professionally on projects related to the world of publishing, literature, books and words. These projects can range from specially commissioned strategic papers, in-depth reports and analysis to social media strategy and offering professional expertise on publishing to individuals, firms and startups. I also mentor authors, evaluate and edit manuscripts and do one-to-one sessions with authors. Email: jayabhattacharjirose at gmail dot com

My column “Literati” is published monthly in The Hindu Literary Supplement. In the two years and more that my blog was launched has had over four million visitors to it and it continues to grow. For a long time I had a column called “PubSpeak” in the BusinessWorld online. I have been associated with publishing since the early 1990s. Some of my responsibilities have included guest editing the special Children’s and YA Literature of The Book Review, and producing the first comprehensive report on the Indian Book Market for the Publisher’s Association, UK. I have extensive editorial experience including stints with Zubaan, Routledge, and Puffin. My articles, interviews, comments and book reviews have also appeared in Frontline, The Book Review, DNA, Outlook, The Hoot, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Brunch, LOGOS, BusinessWorld, Housecalls, The Muse, Kitaabnama ( Doordarshan), The Guardian, Radio France and The Independent.