I have known Jaya Bhattacharji since virtually the start of her publishing career, when she came to Penguin India, where I then was, as a young inertviewee, way back in the ’90s. Though she did an excellent edit test, she didn’t take the job but decided to pursue further studied. A couple of years later though, she did find her way back to publishing – as an editor with Kali for Women, with whom she worked for several years, continuing with them when they metamorphosed into Zubaan. I’ve seen her grow from there stage by stage, through her stint as journals editor with Taylor & Francis, and now as a freelance editor. She has worked on a couple of projects with us a Westland with skill and quiet efficienty. I thoroughly enjoy her columns and articles on the publishing world – there are not enough people out there who give the reading public an insight into publishing beyond the ‘glamour’ of big advances and book launches, and Jaya’s writing fills a gap.

– Renuka Chatterjee, Consultant Editor, Westland

Jaya has a wealth of knowledge about the Indian and global publishing industry. Her articulate, well researched and well thought articles are both extremely interesting and a pleasure to read.

– Emma House, Trade & International Director, The Publishers Association (UK)

Jaya Bhattacharji Rose is one of the best editors I’ve met in nearly thirty years as a professional writer. She knows the publishing industry backwards, sideways and front-on. She has an eye for detail and instinct for what works. Best of all, she’s passionate about quality literature. It’s a potent mix!

– Dr Ken Spillman, author of 30+ books spanning many genres

Jaya has a long and valuable experience in the publishing industry and has held many coveted positions. In fact she became the face of the organization she was serving She successfully developed the Indian arm of an international journal and An intelligent and highly talented person she has successfully seen through exhibitions of posters and books. She is capable of giving a new direction her job when required.

She is an attractive person and a pleasure to interact with. She is an extremely busy person but finds enough time to help someone out.

– Esha Beteille, publisher, Social Science Press

All authors should have a champion, one who’s willing to tell you the hard truths, share their professional expertise, stick around when things go tough, and level the lance on your account should the need arise. I was lucky enough to find Jaya at a critical point in my career. Not only is she one of most experienced professionals working in Indian publishing today, she’s a gifted editor and author-developer par excellence. I suppose this means I’ll have to share. Damn it.

– Anil Menon, Writer

To put Jaya further into my good books she gladly and indiscriminately gave a home to all the books I offloaded in dudgeon after learning that my first travel book was not going to win the Nobel Prize. Thereafter I have rejoiced in watching Jaya bloom as an editor taking on the responsibility of bringing out with aplomb special issues of mainstream journals as well as advise on current publishing trends. I recommend her literary services whole heartedly because Jaya’s whole heart is in her job.

– Bill Aitken, Writer

I have known Jaya for a couple of years in which over emails and phone she gave me the sense that she understands me and empathizes with my work. That simple human concern, which flows so easily from her, has warmed my heart. When I shared my feelings about certain experiences she saw my fragility as a fecund space for writing and thinking. She acknowledged the emotional side but focused on the literary side. What I value most about her is this direct, practical intervention by an editor in the writing process.

Jaya’s reading of “Roll of Honour” left me amazed at how she got into the book and neatly sliced it up to look at it carefully. What impressed me most was that as a reader she looked at both the book and its context. She got the history and the connections I was trying to make. I was nervous about her reading, the kind of lonely uncertainty one finds oneself in after years of writing (but not many pages to show for the years) and the nature of the book – labeling, terrorism, sexuality, violence. She had asked me to put down the questions I wanted answered by her reading. We chatted late one night after her reading and she not only answered each question but much more. She followed it up with an email detailing her comments and observations.

It is lovely to be associated with you Jaya. To me, you are what a writer needs. You understand our frailties and can steer our energies on the paths we choose. I do hope to work with you on language and structure of future book(s).

– Amandeep Sandhu, Writer

Jaya is well informed, accessible and most importantly, a positive person to have on your team. I recently sought her opinion while revising the international digital contract with one of my publishers and found her inputs prompt and helpful.

– Milan Vohra, Author Harlequin & Penguin India
Authored “The Love Asana” , the first Indian Mills & Boon for Harlequin

Jaya is well networked and connected with who’s who of the Publishing Industry. Her knowledge and grasp about the sector is commendable. Her passion for work is admirable. Besides being an exemplary professional, she is a good human being as well, who is always ready to extend all possible help. My interaction with her started during PubliCon 2011 and my experience was quite enriching.

– Sumeet Gupta,
Associate Director, FICCI ( Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

I have been impressed by the highly efficient manner with which Jaya Bhattacharji Rose approaches her work. She uses her networking connections to help connect writers and literary agents successfully. It was through her that I was introduced to Mita Kapur and SIYAHI my literary agent with whom I went on to sign a contract for my novel MARI which then became a local bestseller.

I am following her links at facebook which are always inspiring, very intelligent and thought provoking.
I see that Jaya Bhattacharji Rose has been doing well at her present job and I am happy for her and wish her well in all her ventures.

– Easterine Iralu, Writer