jaya-panel-discussion-scholastic-india-reading-report-2016-2-sept-2016Publishers, Publishing Firms etc

With more than two decades of publishing experience I offer consulting services on a professional basis in the following broad categories:

  1. Business strategy in local and international markets
  2. Digital communications strategy for individuals and firms
  3. Build partnerships as per project needs


  1. Evaluating manuscripts
  2. Mentoring
  3. Development editing


  1. Consult on curation of books for the library, organising literary festivals in schools, author interactions, storytelling etc.
  2. Conduct workshops / seminars on reading methodologies for teachers
  3. Reading and book-related sessions with children


  1. Curate literary events, salons, sessions, panel discussions for diplomatic missions, organisations etc.
  2. Advise and organise book events
  3. Editorial consultancy to NGOs, publishers, authors etc.
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