Ladakh: A book review, Romesh Bhattacharji

Ladakh: A book review, Romesh Bhattacharji

My father, Romesh Bhattacharji’s book on Ladakh reviewed in the Frontline ( ). He has been visiting the place for over forty years, including travelling by motorcycle in the 1970s. Dad also has pictures taken at the same spot, marking the difference in the landscape over a period of time. He has been working on this particular book for many years. We are all very glad that it is out. Unfortunately the detailed map he had had commissioned for it and some of the pictures selected were axed from the edition that went to print. Anyway as the reviewer says, “The book is enriched by nuggets of information about the place that do not come the way of the average tourist….The book is one that can be read and ‘revisited’ like the land it describes. There is history, geography, culture and, predominantly, the beauty and marvel of a part of India that needs to be discovered.”

His previous book on the North East ( Lands of Early Dawn: the North East of India ) was very well received. Michael Palin and recently Bertil Lintner have acknowledged it in their books.

To see some more photographs taken by Romesh Bhattacharji view:

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