“The New BJP” by Nalin Mehta, a bestseller!

Extraordinary news. Nalin Mehta’s “TheNewBJP” is in the ninth week of being a bestseller. It is rare by publishing standards globally to have a nonfiction narrative to retain its spot at number one. It is truly special given that this book is a mix storytelling, data, indices, charts, interviews and analysis. There are more than 200 pages of appendices. “The New BJP” is a non-partisan account of the history of the BJP. It is being read across the spectrum. Booksellers are saying that at least one or two customers talk about it every day and recommend it to others as a “must read book”. Political analysts, journalists, and academics are using arguments such as the women voter base, caste, and social welfare as if these were commonly known factors contributing to the extraordinary rise of this political party. Even the indices that were mentioned for the first time in the book — Mehta-Singh Index, PollNiti and Narad Index — have been widely accepted. Whereas these were outlined for the first time clearly by Nalin Mehta in his book, published on 3 Jan 2022. The impact factor of “The New BJP” has been phenomenal. Ace Literary Consulting is very proud to be representing Nalin Mehta.

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