NBT Publishing Course, 28 Jan 2023

Today, I delivered to two lectures at the National Book Trust, India Publishing Course. NBT is under the Union Ministry of Education. It was established in 1957. NBT also manages the New Delhi World Book Fair and much else.

My lectures were on:

‘An Introduction to Publishing in India Today – Problems and Prospects, Major Publishing Houses, Trends,’
‘Publishing across the World- Major Publishing Houses, Industry in different countries.,’

87 students have enrolled this year. The lectures ran over the stipulated time of three hours. Exceeded by nearly one hour. The students asked so many questions!


I received an email from one of the students. Here is an extract:

… I am one of the students of NBT Book Publishing Course this year and I attended your session today. And let me just say first it was so wonderful and enlightening to listen to you speak and learn from you about publishing. We hardly hear about these things anywhere and I have been wanting to for so long.

28 Jan 2023

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