Ravi Subramanian presents a crime thriller series at HarperCollins India

Ravi Subramanian presents a new series with HarperCollins India focused on #crimethrillers. According to the information I received, these are “all stand-alone novels – gripping, pacy and often spine-chilling from the house of Ravi Subramanian”. The two Mansi Babbar titles are new in the market, while the Jigs Ashar ones are republications.

HCI recently announced a launch of thriller series with Ashwin Sanghi, but those are his own stories. HCI have fair experience of collaborating with commercially successful writers such as Ravinder Singh to curate and establish niche imprints. This institutional knowledge and experience will be in their favour as a new form of business in publishing — relying upon the combination of brand recall of certain authors and their expertise in storytelling. Last but not least, this genre of storytelling is also one of the most lucrative in terms of conversion into films/web series and other OTT platforms. So the ROI on the investment of creating such a niche within an established publishing firm, is a good business strategy for the future. It is a fine example of the convergence of print and digital.

Good luck to this new venture!

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